Bachelor's studies

Bachelor Seminar of Financial Management



Each group formed by four or five students will create a business plan of an investment project with an initial investment from 200,000.00 EUR to 3,000,000.00 EUR. The groups will have to present the project and create a final report with around with 20-25 pages.


The basic topics that should be contained in the presentation follow:


1. Main characteristics (description of the opportunity/gap, presentation of the product or services, size and location of the project, pricing policy, business model)

2. Market niche (Target audience):

3. Main competitive advantages:

4. SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)

5. Project budget/ Initial investment

6. Expected cashflows

7. Cost of capital or minimum attractiveness rate

9. Financial and Economic Feasibility (IRR, Payback, NPV)

10. Minimum Project Attractiveness Rate.


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